Critter Cooler Video and Assembly

  1. Insert wheels
  2. Position medium o ring inside base unit.
  3. If purchased, place the optional bowl insert.
  4. If desired, screw in the water valve elbow to control water level.
  5. Insert threaded water valve with small o-ring into tank.
  6. Inside container, small o-ring, flat washer, hand tight.
  7. With red valve handle OFF fill tank and close the lid properly, VERY IMPORTANT, to get a good, air tight, seal. You will need to change the lid o ring from time to time.
The "trick" for a good seal when you close the lid
  • Stand over the container and with both hands on the lid, with a little downward pressure, turn the lid "counter clockwise" and you will hear and feel 2 distinct clicks, those are the threads falling into place.
  • Now turn "clockwise to close". Don't need to over-tighten, just snug.
WATCH the FAQ Video to learn ALL the tricks and call if you have any questions, 877-6-Big-Dog