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Automatic Dog Water Dispenser Thermal Cover
Dog Waterer Outside with Thermal Cover

Dog Waterer Thermal Cover | Chiller Cover

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The automatic dog waterers have optional thermal covers, sold separately.  The "Chiller Cover" is a 3/16 inch laminated, metalized bubble cover that reflects the sun's rays, helping keep the water container cool. Try this when it gets hot. Freeze a gallon jug of water and drop it into your critter cooler like a big ice cube, close and then cover with the chiller cover and the water in the bowl stays cool all day.
  • Thermal sun protection helps keep water cool, healthy and dogs happy
  • Dogs prefer to drink cool water so will drink more and are better hydrated
  • Cool water inhibits algae and bacteria growth, better for dog health
Not recommended for "chewers" unless you also get a Heavy Duty Cover to cover the Chiller Cover. The Heavy Duty Cover is tear resistant.